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4th May 2015
This news has come rather late, but a new online radio station called Roland Radio was launched at the beginning of April. It plays Amstrad CPC tunes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has a playlist of nearly 2,000 tunes. There are various streaming options available, so now you can listen to great CPC music from famous artists such as Ben Daglish, J. Dave Rogers, Jonathan Dunn and David Whittaker anywhere! Some CPC users have even recorded their own short 'jingles' which are played every 15-20 minutes, which is a nice touch.

For more information, go to Roland Radio and click on the 'Listen' tab near the top of the screen. I've also added a button to this page that will open the Roland Radio web site in a new tab, so you can listen to Roland Radio while browsing the extensive list of reviews on this site!

Something that seems to have gone completely unnoticed by the wider CPC community (including me) until now is that CNGSoft seems to be working on a CPC conversion of the Spanish Spectrum game Duck Out. I haven't played the Spectrum version, but it seems to involve you playing a duck who wanders around a kitchen bashing enemies with a frying pan! (Don't you just love games with such outrageously wacky scenarios?)

César uploaded a preview video to YouTube in February. It doesn't feature any enemies – just the anatine protagonist wandering through the kitchen – but it looks promising. There's no indication yet as to when it will be released, and bear in mind that César has been quite busy with other things over the last few months. We still await news on the progress of a CPC conversion of Parasol Stars, though...

CPC4eva has reviewed three games:

He has also provided new, amended reviews of BAT and Roy of the Rovers which were originally published last month.

7th April 2015
I have reviewed two games:

CPC4eva has reviewed six games:

I have also moved my review of Mad Mix Game to The Pepsi Challenge Mad Mix Game and rewritten it slightly and provided a new screenshot. The game was released as The Pepsi Challenge Mad Mix Game in the UK.

4th April 2015
CPC4eva has reviewed five games:

15th March 2015
Pug has reviewed three games:

8th March 2015
Pug has reviewed six games:

Missas has reviewed Saboteur II.

By the way, if anyone from Robico Software is reading this – please don't sue me for the review of Village of Lost Souls! ;-)

2nd March 2015
Pug has reviewed five games:

28th February 2015
CPC4eva has reviewed two games:

22nd February 2015
CPC4eva has reviewed six games:

Pug has reviewed two games:

17th February 2015
Missas has reviewed Megablasters: Escape from Castle in the Clouds.

14th February 2015
Pug has reviewed two games:

8th February 2015
For those of you who like text adventures, Eric Safar's game Athanor is now available in English, following the release of the French version last year. It's inspired by some early French 1980s text adventures, and graphically, it uses simple, monochrome, line-drawn pictures similar to those used in the many games that were created using Graphic Adventure Creator. Eric has informed me that the game will cost €20 including postage, or €24 if you require additional tracking. As you can see from the photos below, the game is beautifully packaged and includes a variety of 'feelies'. You can click on the photos to view them at their full size.

If you're interested, you can visit Safar Games and find out how to order a copy of Athanor.

Athanor is intended to be the first of a trilogy of adventures, and Eric has announced on the CPCRulez forum that he is working on the second instalment, and he has also posted a screenshot. The second game will use full-colour bitmap graphics, and it looks great!

Pug has reviewed eleven games:

CPC4eva has reviewed Karatian.

3rd February 2015
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of one of the biggest and best CPC games to be released, Axelay, with the help of rexbeng, McKlain and Tom et Jerry, has released a new version of Megablasters! The original game by German CPC user Odiesoft took up two whole discs and was widely acclaimed for its astounding graphics and gameplay, and it was also the first Bomberman clone to be released for the Amstrad CPC. Now, 20 years later, comes Megablasters: Escape from Castle in the Clouds. It's not as big as the original game, but the graphics and music are both marvellous – and be warned that it's much harder than the original game!

If you think you're up for the challenge, you can download Megablasters: Escape from Castle in the Clouds from NVG. Alternatively, if you're feeling nostalgic for Odiesoft's game, you can read my review or download Megablasters from NVG. Go on, you know you want to...

30th January 2015
TFM has announced that there are only six physical copies of his game Cyber-Chicken left – four on cassette and two on disc. They are now on sale at a reduced price of €10 for the cassette version and €12 for the disc version (excluding postage). Head over to the Cyber-Chicken web site to order a copy – and if you haven't bought a copy yet and you're not convinced, read the review by Missas on this site!

25th January 2015
CPC4eva has reviewed nine games:

Missas has reviewed Mansion Kali.

20th January 2015
Missas is back with reviews of two games:

4th January 2015
Happy New Year to all CPC fans!

I have reviewed nine games:

Crackers Velus have released a new version of 2048 which features MODE 0 graphics – and the game certainly looks much better as a result! The new version can be downloaded from NVG, along with the original version which used MODE 1 graphics.

30th November 2014
Following on from the news about the #CPCRetroDev game programming competition, Crackers Velus have released their own entry, 2048.

Many of you have probably heard of this puzzle game, which was developed by Gabriele Cirulli and released earlier this year as a mobile app and has become very popular indeed. The game involves sliding blocks around a 4×4 grid and combining them to produce higher-numbered blocks. The aim is to produce a block with a value of 2048.

The very simple nature of the game means that 2048 has already been ported to many 8-bit computers, and now it's the CPC's turn to get a conversion. You can download 2048 from NVG. Just be aware that once you start playing it, you'll probably become addicted!

29th November 2014
It's been a long time since I reviewed any games, and since I've been off work this week, I decided to test some Spanish games, so here are 11 reviews for you:

Staying on a Spanish theme, I've learnt that a CPC game programming competition was held recently, although almost no one outside Spain seemed to be aware of it! Over 30 entries were submitted to the #CPCRetroDev 2014 contest, and the prizes were €200 for the winner, €75 for the runner-up, and €75 for the best game written in BASIC. You can find more information about #CPCRetroRev here.

Now that the rest of the world knows about the competition, will there be more entries from outside Spain in 2015?

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