• CapaC [hardware]
  • Cargo [music]
  • Charlie [code]
  • Füvesi [hardware]
  • Hermit [music]
  • Buchek [graphics]
  • Joe [hardware]
  • Leon [graphics]
  • Poison [graphics]
  • Scorpy [code]
  • Soci [code]
  • Vincenzo [music]


  • Bang-airgoe [cover graphics]
  • Bazso [swap]
  • Best [code]
  • Black [crack]
  • da Blondie [music]
  • Grachow [magedit]
  • Perplex [music]
  • Pista bá [swap]
  • TGM [graphics]
  • Tomace [music]
  • Whitemoon [magedit]


Hermit is 27!
Happy birthday to Hermit!
We are back from Forever #11, countryside odyssey :) Capac, Charlie, Füvesi, Leon, Poison and our good friend, Scinny did the trip to Horna Suca. Leon and Poison showed some pixels for the audience, check them at CSDB:
Eat or use by Leon (got 3rd place), I [] pixel by Poison (got 1st place).
Meanwhile Soci released a VI-clone texteditor for ALL major 8bit computers, that includes C64, C128, plus4, C16, VIC20, PET, Atari800 and Apple II. The program is available even as IDE64 plugin. Check it here!
Karolina (aka Anna), Cargo's daughter has born today. Congratulations to the proud parents!
Hi-res mania
Last week you could face Leon's new graphical attempts in the hi-res mode of the C64: Why 2, Make up.
Hermit created a nice relocation tool which is available here.
A powerful week
Soci has released the beta version of IDEDOS 0.91. It is a preview version, that doesn't support the 0.8x filesystem any more but has a lot of new features, speedups, and new supported hardwares/protocols. You can download and read more about it here.
At Syntax Party Leon got first place competing with his picture called No Mans Land.
Until it sleeps 2
Leon has released a sequel to his picture Until it sleeps.
Check Hermit's new musics: Aria-blues and Voyage, voyage.
The crew has attended Function Party. Leon's compo picture for the handdrawn graphics competition got first place.
Arok Party #11
Arok Party is over. Download all releases containing results here. Photos#1 Photos#2 Photos#3, by Photos#4, Photos#5, Photos #6. We have released Commie Inside, our paper fanzine too. Download the printable version! Hermit joined Singular Crew. Welcome dude!
Padre 30
Happy birthday master Vincenzo!
LCP 2009
At LCP, Malmo/Sweden we presented a little cooperative picture as special invitation to Arok Party. Read production notes at CSDB for more info. After the big success of Crest's new slideshow, Soci's View64 got MUIFLI/NUFLI support (and some more).
Contiki 2.3 for IDE64
Up to date executables of Contiki 2.1 and 2.3 are available to download. They are optimized for use with ide64.
Singular Crew was present at SceneCON party. You could meet Cargo, Soci, Leon, Poison, Füvesi, CapaC and Charlie. Leon won the graphics competition, check his entry at CSDB!
ide64 news
New tools were released for ide64: id64 reader performs the world's fastest .d64 image creation (22 seconds without any hardware extension), CPIO/TAR plugins handle directories from now on and disk editor v1.0 can be used by experts to peek in the filesystem. Meanwhile Rush, our wild demo became available to download. Check ide64 warez site!
Arok goes history
A report on Arok Party was forwarded to the forum of János Neumann Computerscience Society, and it is even available in written format at the Hungarian National Museum of Technology and Transport.
SGR meeting
Next Singular meeting is going to be at Pannónia Fesztivál, at Várpalota on 28th May. Expect some boozing :)
Cargo 30
Happy birthday to Cargo and welcome to the tripleX!
Arok Party 11 date
The official date of Arok Party is 21-23th August. Partypage will be launched soon!
The SceneCON partypage is up and running, as reported by the main organizer, Charlie. Date is 20-21. June, place is Csokonai Művelődési Központ.
Leon 29
Old punk Leon is 29 years old! Happy birthday fellow!
My 4 years old dream
Leon released one of his old work. Check it at CSDB!
Charlie attended Breakpoint as organizer of the Amiga competitions. At the party Resource released a little demo. It's called Salute. Leon did some pixel work on it.
China division
Soci left the country to work in China for a while.
CapaC, Cargo, Charlie, Füvesi, Leon, Poison and Soci attended the Forever Party in Trencin/Slovakia. Soci did a Pixel Perfect plugin and a MP3 player plugin for the IDE64 manager, released new version of CFSdisk, CFSfsck, Perom programmer. Update your tools! At the graphics competition Leon got 2nd with his picture Latika and Poison was ranked 1st with the realtime-made picture Cica.