Download IBM FixPak 23 Special Edition

Please Read Before Downloading and Installing FixPak 23

IBM FixPak 23 Special Edition (only available on this Web site, not available from IBM and not the same as the standard editon of FixPak 23) is being provided for OS/2 Warp V3 users who desire to download and install the Word Pro 96 Pre-Release for OS/2 Warp on OS/2 Warp V3. No warranty or support is provided. Do not install this FixPak on OS/2 Warp V4 (code-named Merlin). If you are running OS/2 Warp V4 you may download and install the Word Pro 96 Pre-Release for OS/2 Warp without installing this FixPak.


This FixPak will only install on an English Language edition of OS/2 Warp. An updated FixPak for OS/2 Warp V3 which will install on national language editions of OS/2 Warp V3 will be available at the time Word Pro 96 for OS/2 Warp ships.

Warning: Before downloading and installing this FixPak all OS/2 Warp V3 users should download and review the FixPak 23 Release Notes. The Release Notes contain installation instructions and information on known problems along with documented work-arounds.

Special Warning for IBM ThinkPad and Aptiva Owners: There is a known problem rebooting IBM ThinkPad and Aptiva systems after FixPak 23 has been installed if the system is booted using a CONFIG.SYS file which loads network drivers for network adapter cards that are not currently attached to the system. Please download and read the Release Notes before installing the FixPak on an IBM ThinkPad or Aptiva system which is run in both network attached and un-attached (mobile) modes. For more information on this particular problem see Important Information for IBM ThinkPad and Aptiva Owners.

Disk Space Requirements for Download and Expansion of FixPak 23 Files

You must have sufficient disk local or network-attached hard disk space available (approximately 34 Mb if you download, extract, and delete each compressed file one at a time) to download and expand each of the five compressed FixPak files to create the FixPak installation program. NOTE: You may download (or download and copy) and expand each file onto a network attached hard drive and install the FixPak on your local OS/2 Warp V3 system directly from the network drive. Additionally, you must have approximately 23 Mb of disk space available on your local OS/2 Warp V3 boot drive to install FixPak 23 (or approx. 18 Mb if you have installed a previous FixPak).

If you have the required amount of hard disk space available, download each of the five compressed files to the SAME hard drive and subdirectory and issue the command FIXPAKn -D (where "n" is the file number) to expand each file and create the required FIXPAK subdirectory structure. If you fail to use the -D parameter while expanding each of the five files the FixPak will not properly install.

Self-extracting ZIP files for FixPak 23 Special Edition

WARNING: To extract each file you MUST use the command FIXPAKn -D (where "n" is the file number) to expand each of the five files, creating a FIXPAK subdirectory from which you will install the FixPak. Once you have downloaded and extracted each file (using the -D parameter) you may delete the downloaded files, if necessary, to save disk space. See the FixPak 23 Release Notes (FIXPAK23.TXT file) for installation instructions. After you have installed the FixPak and rebooted your OS/2 system, use the DRIVES facility of OS/2 Warp V3 to delete the FIXPAK subdirectory into which you extracted these files.

FixPak 23 Self-Extracting Zip Files (Extract Using FIXPAKn -D)


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Updated: 09/20/96