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I am still adding blog entries for my >blog<, please do not hesitate to write comments.

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I offer some interesting infos about finding viruses, about computer forensics and other deep system related mechanisms, see "Projects & Infos".

I am participating also in Einstein@Home:

Update: You can request CP/M disk and file transfer

For more infos please visit this >page< ,thank you.

Welcome !

Some information about several different, non interrelated computers and programs offered here.
It was very time consuming to collect all these information together, so please do not copy any information without permission from the author (me).

  CP/M-80 BASIC, C Compiler, PASCAL, Modula-2, etc



So many computer languages were published, sometimes hard to have an overview

    You remember the times Aztec, BDS-C, Codeworks, ECO-C, HiTech, HiSoft, Manx (=Aztec), MI-C, Mix-C, of course also Small C a.s.o. and also for MSX (which was CP/M 2.2 compatible) ASCII-C were state of the art ?

    You can find all C compilers on my >C-Compiler page< but also a lot of other computer languages >here<.

Also interesting: CFX 1.3, now (almost) error free, a CP/M archive decompressor

    CFX is a decompressor program for CP/M archive formats (.lbr, sqz'd, lzh'd), running on modern PC's (even with Windows XP, but not with Vista yet).
    Published with source code >here<.

Finally, if you are interested in a huge CP/M archive, visit also Gaby's invaluable >Unofficial CP/M Web site<.

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