Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC250 and PDA600 news

iMPdraw lite by AST/Imp4ct, a paint program for Amstrad CPC

In december 2014, a preview of iMPdraw by AST was out. iMPdraw version 1 is now called iMPdraw lite, used for example for screens released at the Reset #20 meeting (usable on CPC and CPC+).

A new version (iMPdraw v2) is in the work since January 2015 by AST and ToTO.

Other painting program : GOS (CPC+ only) and Claudia (CPC and CPC+).

Samdisk v3.8.8 by Simon Owen, Amstrad CPC disks tranfers on PC

SAMdisk v3.8.8 by Simon Owen is out since the 8th July.

The utility supports transfers between floppy disks and disk images, and is designed to work with almost any soft-sectored disk format compatible with the PC floppy controller, including some copy-protected formats.

Low-level floppy device access requires the fdrawcmd.sys driver to be installed.

  • Added D88 support for 1D and 1DD disk types
  • Added .1dd output extension for 1D/1DD in D88 container
  • Added cylinder count detection to D88 image reading
  • Added support for .2d raw format
  • Fixed destructor crash bug in gcc builds (Linux and Mac)
  • Fixed TR-DOS false-positives by requiring .trd extension
  • Internal c

A new spanish adventure game : el misterio de la isla de Tokland by ESP Soft

ESP Soft just released a new spanish adventure game : el misterio de la isla de Tokland. It is written by 6128 and use the game engine el DAAD.

It is based on the book of the same name by Joan Manuel Gisbert. With one year of learning spanish (and a dictionnary), the game is playable even if I didnt go very far at the moment. Thanks for letting me working my spanish this summer :-)

Download and more informations on the syntaxical engine on ESP Soft.

Roland Radio, an Amstrad CPC radio internet

Roland Radio is an internet radio, and its program should interest you : only Amstrad CPC music. You can follow them on Twitter and facebook (cpcradio).

CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest 2015

You can program an Amstrad CPC game and want to become riche at the same time ? Then submit your creation to the third edition of the CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest, as each award will win some real money.

Beware, the target is an Amstrad CPC 464, so all entries will be included in a physical edition with an audio tape, not a 3 inch disk.

The deadline is the 23th october 2015.

Hacked version of Paperboy with music by Fano (128 Ko), reviewed by Xyphoe

Since at least march 2012, a 128 Ko version of Paperboy with music added by Fano does exist (download on source link, see below).

This Paperboy version has been reviewed by Xyphoe on Youtube.

Andrew Oliver (Oliver twins) full interview by Xyphoe

At the Play Blackppool 2015, Xyphoe interviewed Andrew Oliver (Oliver Twins) during 1 hour and 22 minutes ! Dizzy and Amstrad CPC featured of course.

Celebrating the 25 Years of the Amstrad GX4000 by Xyphoe on Youtube

In this 25 minutes video, Xyphoe celebrates the 25 years Of the Amstrad GX4000 (released in 1990).

Development for CPC on PC : CPCTelera by Ronaldo and RGAS by Lachlank

CPCTelera is a multi platform (Windows with Cygwin, OS X and Linux) development framework for creating Amstrad CPC games in C and also assembly programmers. For all features check CPCWiki, for short :

Low-level programming API fonctionnalities
  • A low-level library with support for: graphics, audio, keyboard, firmware, strings, video hardware manipulation and memory management
  • An API for developing games and software in C and Assembler
  • A complete multi-platform building system with support for building CDTs and DSKs automatically. Tools for content authoring (audio, graphics and level editing)

Project creation, management and integrated build system with tools (SDCC compilator...)

autoring tools and command line tools for format conversions (Arkos Tracker, RGAS...)

Retro Game Asset Studio (RGAS) by Lachlank is the next evolution of Amsprite (now defunct). Using .NET, you can create graphics, sound/music levels for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.