AMTIX! Accolades

This section of CPC Game Reviews is a database which lists every game that was ever previewed and/or reviewed in the Amstrad CPC magazine AMTIX!, including the period when it was incorporated into Computing with the Amstrad CPC (also known as CWTA). AMTIX! ran for 18 issues between November 1985 and April 1987, and there was also an 'issue 0' which only consisted of 16 pages and was a promotion for what one could expect when AMTIX! was launched. After issue 18, it merged with CWTA, so that it was known as Computing with the Amstrad incorporating AMTIX! The first such issue was in May 1987, and the magazine continued like this until August 1988 when the AMTIX! bit was dropped.

So why have I devoted a lot of my time to browsing meticulously through each issue of AMTIX! and listing each and every review? There are several reasons:

How the database is laid out
This site is divided into 26 sections, with each section listing the games beginning with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. There is no section for games beginning with numbers, so for instance, if you are looking for 720°, you will find it under the S section.

Each section is laid out in a table with six columns:

At the top and bottom of each table, you will also find a list of all the letters of the alphabet; clicking on any letter takes you to the list of reviews beginning with that letter. If you want to return to this page, click on the "Home" icon that appears at the bottom of each section.

You can also download a text version of the list here.

AMTIX! Accolades
The AMTIX! Accolade was an award that AMTIX! gave to games that scored at least 90%, although this changed when AMTIX! was incorporated into CWTA - most games scoring 90% didn't get Accolades any more, and text adventure games were no longer given Accolades. There is a total of 111 Accolades. Depending on which issue the game was reviewed in, you will see one of the following symbols in the "Other" column if the game received an Accolade:

AMTIX! Accolade Used from issues 1 (Nov 1985) to 11 (Sep 1986) of AMTIX!
AMTIX! Accolade Used from issues 12 (Oct 1986) to 18 (Apr 1987) of AMTIX!
AMTIX! Accolade Used in CWTA from May 1987 to February 1988
AMTIX! Accolade Used in CWTA from March to August 1988

Among the games that didn't receive Accolades in AMTIX! are:

There are also some games, and a compilation, which were awarded Accolades but which were not given any mark:

You can look at the complete list of AMTIX! Accolades here.

The Complete Games Index
A lot of games had been released before AMTIX! was around, so over issues 1 and 2, they set out to look at nearly every game that had already been released, and write a brief summary of the game and whether it was worth buying or not (a lot of them weren't, seeing how many Amsoft games were amongst them!). Basically, it was very similar to CPC Game Reviews, but without the screenshots. As mentioned earlier, three games were reviewed in the Complete Games Index but did not receive AMTIX! Accolades.

If a game appeared in the Complete Games Index, the following symbol will be shown in the "Other" column: CGI

The lowest score that AMTIX! has ever given for any game is 5% for US Gold's Breakthru.